What I Want the World to Know

By Brandon Cherry

What I want the world to know about is President-elect Barack Obama. I know that the world already knows about it, but I’m sure that they do not know that the country might still be the same. A lot of people did vote for Obama, no lie, but I also think that people outside of urban areas voted more for McCain. I also do think that people wanted change and felt like they need change so they voted for Obama.

People all over the world were cheering for Barack Obama to win the Presidential election. Then he did. Different newspapers had different ideas about what Obama is going to bring to the United States and the world. The Guardian (a UK newspaper) says that Obama would be better as president because he said that he is ready to help improve the economy and banking system (huffingtonpost.com). They also said that he will be England’s help too. A negative for Obama is Israel’s opinion. Israel feels that Obama is going to be more lenient on Iran than Israel (huffingtonpost.com). The Australian said that this vote is going to change people around the world (huffingtonpost.com). Spain was excited too that Obama won. The prime minister of Spain is looking forward to being allies with Obama. Kenyans were extremely excited and sang and danced to celebrate the first black president of the United States. Obama’s family members in Kenya were extremely excited to see him win the presidential election. There had to be heavy security where his father was born because local, international media and other villagers tried to enter in where his step-grandmother lives. His other family members and friends watched the election on a huge television (news.xinhuanet.com).

The traditional United States usually looks for specific things in a president. If you look back in American history you can see that all of the presidents have been white males in their forties and usually Protestant. Only one president was not — John F. Kennedy; he was a Catholic. JFK only had different way to believe in Christianity. Here now we have Barack Obama who is African American and not like the traditional American President. Mostly Obama is like the traditional American President because he is in his forties, he is Protestant, and he is supported by big business. Since he is not all like the traditional presidents, I am willing to see what he has in store for this country.

I say that rural America has voted for McCain. I think that rural America is still not ready for change yet. I also think that they do not want to have a black president in office. I think that people still wanted a person like McCain, but democratic instead. I also think that it is not all about race. I think that people just don’t want Republicans in office this year because they last few years they seem to make things worse.

To conclude, this presidential election was a important and historic event. Millions in other countries were jumping for joy for this historic event. It shows that the world was even looking for a change in American presidency. The turnout of the election was great and I would like to see how the future is going to become with Obama in office. This election even made other people feel a difference and feel like they can do the impossible. I think that it is nice that this country had a different race president. This presidency also makes people happy. Especially the people who were for the civil rights movement. I hope that Obama does well in office and makes the right choices.



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