The Misinterpretation of Beauty in Women

By “Seasons”

Instructor’s note: This is an in-class group writing project. “Seasons” is a team of four young African American women.

Women often misinterpret the definition of beauty. Beauty does not have to do with letting yourself go and saying you’re beautiful no matter what. It has nothing to do with overindulging in name brand clothing or clothes that are too small or tight, or even just not at all for you. Beauty has to do with inner qualities and how you feel about yourself. Women often interpret it as I am beautiful which means therefore I do not have to try or I am not beautiful, therefore I have to try harder. That is not true.

Beauty is about the way you feel about yourself, the self confidence and esteem held for yourself. The way a woman presents herself tells a lot about her. For example, how much respect and dignity she has for herself is shown in the way she carries herself. Many women dress in tight fitting clothes, short skirts, or low cut attire for attention. When they dress this way they’re striving for attention from men, the attention they receive isn’t the attention they want. Men see sex objects. This is not a good appearance to portray. You don’t have to be trashy in order to be sexy. You can be sexy and classy at the same time.

Many women today have a misconception of what they should look and act like. They learn terrible ways to act from what they listen to on the radio and what they see on television. The problem isn’t the music we listen to, it’s the girls that get in the videos and degrade themselves to get ahead. It’s sad because it makes the teenagers at home think that they have to do the things demonstrated in these videos to make a good life for themselves. The artists who degrade women won’t have anything to say if women don’t make it so easy to degrade them.

Young women today should be taught that despite of what they hear on the radio and see on television, it is not real and not what people really look for in life. Women should cherish themselves and make sure that they take care of themselves and keep a respectable appearance. What is taught in music we listen to is just unrealistic and the standard of body image that is displayed in society today is impossible, even sometimes for celebrities that live by it.

Beauty can be defined in many different ways whether it is inside or out. Your beauty or image classifies your character. Many women today feel that in order to be beautiful you have to put pounds of makeup on or wear lustful clothing. They don’t realize that true beauty comes from what is within and people can tell if you’re truly beautiful or not. We love being beautiful inside and out without wearing tacky lustful clothing or putting on pounds of makeup. We express our beauty by the way we walk, talk, and the way we carry ourselves. We advise our fellow beautiful young ladies to do the same.


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2 Responses to “The Misinterpretation of Beauty in Women”

  1. b Says:

    This is a really nice essay. It took me a long time to learn this, and I’m happy that I finally figured out that a culture that devalues women is responsible – not me.

  2. Chasity Says:

    Well said. Women can be modest and still be, “sexy.” In my opinion, this is more sexy. When you don’t see everything on the outside it keeps you wondering…what is on the inside? When you see a girl walking down the boardwalk or wherever, wearing a low cut top or tight jeans that make your butt look bootylicious< funny word! It leaves no room for question. I feel like you can just make an assumption right then and there. Like..dang…or wow she’s hot…but thats it…they pass you buy…whereas when you see a girl with a long summer dress blowing in the wind, smile on her face….it makes you think, hmm?……………. Think about it 🙂 Ladies there is a tactful way to do this…Do you want to be a mystery ready to be solved or do you want to be passed by with another hi and bye never being asked that who, what, how, or why?Keep it Real, Beauty Lies Within!

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