Good Things Are Rare to Find

By Ashley Ragland

I think friends are wonderful thing to have but true friends are rare to find. A good friend is someone who will be there for you, stick with you, and have your back no matter what the circumstances are. They are loyal and honest to you and they will never lie to you. You should be able to trust a good friend enough that they can keep your deep secrets and never betray you. A good friend will listen to you no matter how many times they’ve come to you about the same situation. They should want to be there for you even when you hit rock bottom. A good friend knows who you truly are and when things happen like rumors they should never have to question your character; they should just defend you.

A good friend is supportive of you even if they don’t agree with you; they should love you enough to want you to be happy and follow your heart/dreams. They should also give you good advice that is always in your best interest. Your friend should never be afraid to tell you the truth even when you don’t want to hear it. You should be able to tell them anything and they should not judge or look at you no differently. Not only should a good friend want to be all those things listed above, they should also be someone you have a deep connection with. You should be able to go anywhere with them and have fun. You shouldn’t have to talk to this friend everyday for them to know you care. These are many of the qualities of what is believed to be a good friend.

I think I am a good friend to people because I am very loyal and I am always there for them. I will drop everything and listen to them when they are going through something. I am also very honest and trustworthy and will tell you what you need to hear not what you want to hear. I thought I should write about this because I just went through some issues with my friends. My best friend wasn’t acting like a best friend should. She eventually realizes she wasn’t being a good friend and changed her ways.

I think there is always time for change. They should evaluate what they are doing wrong and if they value their friends they will fix it. There is always room for change and it is always a good thing. I think friends should resolve issues by stopping and cooling off from the matter first. After they calm down, they will have a chance to review the situation. After they look at ALL aspects of the problem, only then should the person take action in resolving the situation. They should approach the person calmly in attempt to discuss the problem. While discussing the issue at hand, they should try to not get mad all over again and remain calm so the situation may be resolved.

Friendship is something beautiful and it should be treasured. If and when you find good friends you should hold on to them.


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One Response to “Good Things Are Rare to Find”

  1. Kell Says:

    I totally agree with your essay. A true friend is really hard to find,but i guess I am lucky, because I can say, “i have a true without hesitating.” If you are actually searching for a true friend be open mind, don’t always picture your best friends as a female,because in the past i have only had best female friends and now my best is a male who I share almost everything with, even though sometimes he tries to ignore me when I’m talking about “girl stuff”, but he has to listen, because thats what a true friend does.

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