Keeping It Clean

By “The Watchers”

“The Watchers” is a group of young women. This was their response to an in-class writing assignment.

Does money buy everything? Constantly, we ask each other whatever the situation may be “Is it worth it, and am I?” The subject matter is: Is money worth the degradation and exploitation of women in videos? We see them every time we turn on BET and watch a hip hop video. This isn’t being hypocritical, it’s just the fact that these women seem to not care or care very little about themselves and how they are represented on TV. We feel that many music videos exploit women.

Many video girls go with the thought that if the artist, or entourage notices them it will lead to riches. First comes the video, next comes the VIP passes, industry parties, and red carpet events. Where does all this come from? People for years have said “It’s not what you know, but who you know, especially when you play your cards right.” What are the cards they’re playing, their bodies?

So what is the goal of being a video girl if all you do is show skin to be noticed and dancing provocatively? Video girls’ goal is nothing more than getting money, and being noticed. They lower the self esteem of young females who watch these videos by trying to gain confidence in them by dancing, and doing what they see gets men attention. They try luring artists to have their kids for child support. Child support equals money, a car, a house, and stability. Most likely in most cases they don’t have this in the beginning.

It all comes down to the power that video girls have over younger females, and the message of their actions. Their actions speak clearly through their provocative clothes, and sexually advanced dancing. These women lower not only themselves but to those who watch and want to become just like them.


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5 Responses to “Keeping It Clean”

  1. kell Says:

    I totally agreed with the point your making in this essay, because women don’t seems to respect body in today’s society. They expose there body by wearing clothes that is not appropriate for the public. “Who cares though?” Not them.

  2. Oluka daniella Says:

    I believe strongly in the message you are trying to pass across. Women have to respect their bodies. The way young women portray themselves in videos is very disheartening. Self respect and dignity is more important than money.

  3. tybabie Says:

    i strongly agree with what ur sayin because i believe if i had to show my body just to get a little bit of fam and money its not worth it. What will my parents, future children, friends, family and future employers think of me and most importantly what will i think of myself. I love the point of your essay and i encourage you to keep expressing your thoughts through writing.

  4. vivianna Says:

    i do remember there was a time in my life where i will so bad anytime i see the video girls because i thought that is how we were suppose to be: skinny and great dancers.

  5. novaboii get-em Says:

    I as well agree with your thoughts on video girls. I think that most do not actually know how much influence they have on the female youth viewers of the videos they dance in. Some may really not care about what people think of them and think that “doing this gets me in a better environment than I was in before.” Kind of like exotic dancers. They do not care of what the people that watch them think of them. They are doing it for the money. The difference is that the youth don’t have a little window sitting in their living room with easy access to be able to view them in action.

    These video chix also cause males to disrespect females. When i’m at a party and “She got a DONK” comes on I witness guys just grabbing females and pulling them toward them. Not even asking. But hey! might just be me. And the ladies dance like they did not just get yanked so hard they forgot what they were thinking about. then again it might just be me.

    but any way lol

    I liked your piece

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