By Amarachi Ukachu

Custom cars, custom computers, why not custom kids? A new clinical trial in the United States allows couples to pick the sex of their unborn children in an effort to determine the social effects.The doctors create embryos for the study members using assisted reproduction. Then they figure out each embryo’s sex using a process called preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The parents then select a male or female embryo to be implanted in the mother’s uterus.

I believe that parents should not be allowed to pick the gender of their children. It is never right to “custom build” your child. Life is a blessing and gender shouldn’t matter. If we could pick our childen’s traits, then the world would be incredibly boring, full of “perfect” people. If you chose your baby’s eye color and hair and etc then no one would be special. No one person would be unique. It’s a natural thing, why mess with something so beautiful?

If an individual wants a child very badly, they will not care what the sex is they will just be glad it’s a healthy baby. Anyone who wants a baby for the right reason will not mind whether it is a girl or boy. They may have it in their mind that they want a boy they may be disappointed but I’m sure they will be happy with their new arrival.

The only type of genetic engineering I would support is gene therapy. Gene therapy is when genetic diseases are mitigated or cured by changing the genetic makeup of certain cells. With gene therapy you’re not changing the Childs looks like eye color, skin complexion, and height. With gene therapy your possibly improving your child’s future and there offspring’s life by completely erasing a deadly disease.

Some people think Gene therapy is a terrific discovery that could improve the human population and also give people with certain disabilities some glimmer of hope. And on the other side of the coin there are some people that think we have no business playing God. They feel that playing God may possibly cause devastating effects to the human gene pool and may also lead to misusing the procedure. That’s just like saying medicine is playing God. Also anything good can be misused.


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One Response to “Build-A-Child”

  1. Joshua Says:

    If we could pick our childen’s traits, then the world would be incredibly boring, full of “perfect” people.

    I doubt it. We can pick our car, but the world isn’t full of perfect cars. We can build our own house, but the world isn’t full of perfect houses. Everyone disagrees about what is perfect, and so there will always be variety even if people can choose what they want or can afford.

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