Violence in Media

By “The Absentees”

Instructor’s note: This was written in response to an in-class group writing assignment. “The Absentees” are a pair of students who were absent on the day the assignment began.

Does the media want us to commit violence? It’s like everywhere we look there is violence being advertised. From violence in television shows to violence even in kid’s video games, violence is what today’s world is based on. Now, you can even hear derogatory songs on the radio; thus, how far will the media take this?

All types of violence have hit local and national television shows, exposing kids and adults to it. Everyone watches television. Maybe the media is trying to set us up for failure. Surely they know that everyone with a right mind can see what is going on in a television show. With shows like Family Guy to the Wire, the media truly has not been holding back. The news stations are no better. They show us homicides and shootouts, making any and everyone afraid to go outside. The media is injuring the world all on its own.

Next, the violence has even been put into kid’s video games. From games like Grand Theft Auto to Saints Row, it is like the media is trying to raise juvenile delinquents. You would have thought they would ban violent games after the Columbine shootings. However, since then the games have sky-rocketed into violence. They are even making gang related games that anyone can buy. It is getting ridiculous.

Now, they have even taken this violence to the radios. Derogatory songs have even hit the air waves in today’s world. You can hear songs from the top mix tapes being played in rotation on your favorite radio stations. This is taking it too far. It is like the media has no further care for the world we live in. It is like the media does not want the world to survive. From its violent television shows to derogatory songs, the media is no longer holding back. The violent video games have influenced many homicides, but they continue to get made. Where will it stop?


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