Wacky Weed

By “Cleveland California”

Marijuana is one of the safest drugs legal or illegal; there have been many tests to prove that it is one of the most harmless drugs out there to use. It is used for medicinal purposes in many situations so my question is, “Why isn’t this drug legal?”

Marijuana can stand up to the most used legal drugs such as tobacco or cigarettes, which is where most tobacco users get their intake of nicotine, or alcohol which contributes to a likelihood of domestic violence. It crushes nicotine and alcohol in addiction, dependency and also side effects. According to the U.S. Center of Disease control alcohol is deadly. Marijuana is not.

We live in a country where social drinking, even involving people under the legal age, is common and acceptable. In high school most teens at home have already experienced drinking for the first time from their parents. Whether it be a beer with dad or a shot with an older brother or uncle, most drinking starts at a young age leading to addiction in an older age. But when marijuana is mentioned in a conversation it seems like people avoid or cringe at the subject. But when there are so many deaths involved in drunk driving or involving intoxication people should be embarrassed to drink socially. Alcohol causes fatty liver or liver disease. “Brain damage is a common and potentially severe consequence of long-term, heavy alcohol consumption. Even mild-to-moderate drinking can adversely affect cognitive functioning” (alcoholism.about.com).

Tobacco kills one person every ten seconds and is set to ten million people a year by 2025 (World Health Organization). And yet the government chooses to keep it legal and instead of pulling it from stores they tax it to a ridiculous amount and put a sticker on it that people don’t pay attention to because they are already addicted. “About 40 percent of America’s 50 million smokers will try to kick the habit at least once this year. Fewer than one in ten will succeed” (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Marijuana’s dependence rate is six times less than nicotine, which is a main component in cigarettes.

I am a teen in college who does not drink and to be around it sober is horrifying. The effects have my friends on the floor and throwing up having to depend on someone else’s body because they cannot control their own. Or a girl who had way to many drinks but loves to get “Fucked up” with her friends ends up having sex with one or more than one guy and wakes up the next day at four in the afternoon and cries from what she did last night. I have seen a grown man who did not drink before he came to college and now is an alcoholic. But I think the worst thing about alcohol is that people don’t learn their lesson. Imagine a mom whose son cannot be woken for hours after a night of drinking. Imagine the worst — a mom walking in on her child who has made it into the house past his family goes in his room to sleep it off and has vomited in his sleep suffocating and killing him leaving his mom or one of his family members to find him. Between 40 and 60 percent of people who commit suicide are under the influence of alcohol (mentalhealth.samhsa.gov).

In high school cigarettes were not cool until senior year and even I was tempted against all knowledge of cancer and physical defects I knew about every once in a while I smoked with my friends. But I was smart enough to quit. I just wish my friends were smart enough to do the same. I know 4 teen smokers — one eighth graders two ninth graders and one senior — who all got addicted to cigarettes. This is a firsthand experience that I did not want to go through again because as a child I can remember stealing my mom’s cigarettes and breaking them although she was mad she thanks me for it now. Although all my friends have good families and friends they got addicted to cigarettes because of peer pressure and they have been going through things because of it. Like my best friend who got addicted the fastest started with one and is up to a pack a day and is constantly fighting and arguing with his parents who have recently lost a child to cancer and are trying to save a son from suffering the same fate. All of my friends were drawn to cigarettes by one person and before they know it they have trouble going an hour without having a cigarette or two. I just couldn’t believe that one of my best friends was made into a slave by not man but cigarettes.

As a person who does not use something that kills people every ten seconds or increase chances of suicide but something that helps people with medical problems, I am the one who has to be afraid of being put away for several days and for me a person who has never been locked up but has a father severing a life sentence is a very scary thing to have to worry about. While marijuana is still labeled dangerous and illegal, which does more harm than good when you make cigarettes look like the better choice between the two.

Marijuana is different for different people. If you have tried marijuana and didn’t like it simply don’t use it. Marijuana is to be used not abused, so just because it’s not addictive does not mean you should smoke every day. The world has already proved that we are ready for change and marijuana is being made legal in states all over the U.S. so why not the world? If we are living in a country where what makes a drug legal depends on how much money it makes the government, then we need an even bigger change.

Some people after all the research and facts on the internet still see marijuana as bad for the body but the truth is the worst thing about marijuana would be getting caught with it.


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One Response to “Wacky Weed”

  1. hawa Says:

    The last sentence is priceless. The field negro blog recently tackled this issue. And of course, all of the best discussion magic happens in the comments.

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