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Stereotyping affects many people in different ways. Being a victim of stereotyping, I was tormented in high school. Every day I was called a midget by my so called friends. From that experience to this day, I feel a sense of emptiness about myself because people only look at the outer me: how tall I am, the clothes I wear, and even how I choose to live my life.

In my opinion this world is scared of change. It’s the year 2009. People should be able to wear the clothes they want to wear; people should do the things that make them happy, and not have people telling them it’s wrong. Why is it that when a woman puts on a man’s shirt, or puts on a pair of baggy jeans it’s acceptable, but when a man puts on a tight shirt or a pair of snug jeans he is automatically considered gay? Why is this? Is it not acceptable for a man to feel good about himself and the way he looks?

One thing that I refuse to do is go out on the weekends and party or drink; I would rather go to the movies or stay home and put in a good movie. So all of my friends make jokes all the time because I choose not to drink. I am made fun on a regular basis because I have never had sex or been with a partner. I choose to wait for marriage, is that so wrong? My friends think so.

I often feel sad, depressed, and lonely for this reason, but having a supportive family and God on my side keeps me going everyday. At what point does the teasing and jokes become too much to handle? Think before you act and speak; nobody is perfect.

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One Response to “Stereotyping”

  1. ethnicapparel Says:

    In Hawaii, men and women dress in colorful apparel, not to stand out, but to be beautiful. It is a good concept.

    This is not a subset, it includes the manly men. Insert piratical “Arrr” here. People do need to lighten up. With enough exposure, hopefully we mainlanders can take a lesson.

    There is nothing wrong with being short, skinny, dark, light, or whatever you may be blessed to be. Keeping yourself sacred only seems like an expression of healthy self esteem.

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