Strength of Africa

by Sih-Nanga “Britney” Ndumu

Some people minimize Africa and have different opinions about it. Just to show how little they think of Africa, at times they call it a country! This is outrageous. Africa is a continent. Yes, it is underdeveloped but some places in Africa have better living standards than here in the United States. It is hard to believe but it is true. Cameroon is one of the small countries in Africa and I would like to emphasize it.

The population of Cameroon is about fifteen million. It includes both rich and poor people. The poor are those who can barely provide for themselves, that is, they feed from hand to mouth. The rich are more influential and you actually see wealth in them. When people in the United States think of Cameroon, all they think of is poverty. This is not the case.

In the United states, it is so rare to find people having full ownership of a house. A greater portion of people pay mortgage or rents to the banks for several years before they get complete ownership of a house or they get loans from the banks. Also, people don’t often own lands or plots in America; land is usually owned by banks or the very rich people. Whereas in Cameroon, it is more than normal to see people owning expensive houses. People use whatever they have to get a house of their own (Habitat for Humanity,2008). Some do pay rents, but this rent is paid to a landlord/lady (the person who owns the house) rather than to a bank or corporation. Owning plots and large hectares of land is a one-day process. People don’t pay for several years to get a land like in the US. They pay the money there and then, and then own the land or the house. If you compare some of these things, you see that Cameroon is better off in some aspects.

Cameroon is less developed. This is partly because they don’t exploit the resources they have and they don’t have the knowledge and technology to explore the minerals. The advanced countries (America and other developed countries) exploit the resources and escape. It keeps depreciating. But yet, these people who exploit African resources turn and call Africans undeveloped, uncivilized and all those names. How unfair! I believe greatness is coming to Africa and soon things will be better.

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