That Kind of Friend

By Anonymous

Have you ever had a situation where you thought disaster was imminent? Have you wanted a true friend that would help you through that situation but never found that person? I know a Friend who is willing to accompany anyone at any state of their lives. He has given me strength to persevere through the most dark and toughest circumstance—Jesus.

I remember when my brother was amidst troublesome times during middle school. Some of his friends would display duplicity and pretend to be his friends when they really weren’t. They would join in the jesting and the insults against him. Every time I entered the bus in the morning or in the afternoon older students would portray their hatred against him and not share a seat with him. He had to stand up and endure every itching curse word and every burning name. Even after he left the bus the students would still launch foul language against him. He would slog home crying. The gushing tears wouldn’t stop pouring until he went to sleep. No doubt that these series of events would eventually take their toll on my brother.

My brother’s temper increased. His social life also decreased along with his grades in school. He would storm home, slam doors, throw items around, and start hollering at everybody at home. At times his annoyance was taken out on me or my dad who would try to console him—sometimes by physical altercations. There were other times when he would run away from home during the night. One time he was almost incarcerated and nearly caused my family to separate through social services. He would even conjure suicidal thoughts in his mind. To my brother, life was hollow. Despite church services and numerous proclamations of our faith, he still saw life as pointless. So it was time for me to halt this absurdity once and for all.
At this time I was still a novice Christian, however I still knew that Jesus could help mend any terrible situation. I implored my brother to shift his malevolent views towards life. I told my brother that I couldn’t fathom him discarding his life so early. He possessed talents and an intellect not worthy of discarding by a slit if a knife. I recommended Jesus as a friend to my brother. Jesus was the only one I knew who was willing to carry the burdens of my brother. From then on my brother has portrayed a more cheerful outlook on life. He opens up to more people and is making more friends. There are even sometimes when he gets those feelings he had before and he calls me to talk about those problems. Every night I pray that if my brother needed a friend that Jesus is there for him; so far Jesus has done an excellent job.

This is just one of many scenarios in which Jesus has interceded in my life. Jesus interceded just in time before an unwanted death was pursuing a family member. But he doesn’t only come to the aid of Christians; He comes to the aid of anyone who genuinely asks for his help. That’s the kind of Friend that I have. Jesus is never reluctant to become your friend.

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