About this Blog

This is a collective blog for students in three sections of first-term Composition at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. These sections have been taught using the method of writing instruction known as “ecocomposition,” which stresses both the purpose and the process of writing, attending closely to the spatial and social relationships within which writers work to communicate information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and opinions to others.

One class assignment required that students write a text to be read by at least one person other than their teacher and fellow students. The aim is to use writing to say something real, rather than churn out words that go nowhere. Some students have elected to use this blog for that purpose. (Others will be writing letters to newspapers or public officials, articles for newsletters, or other purposeful texts.) Some students also will be using this blog to post texts they have written for other assignments for this class, which have included descriptive, illustrative, persuasive, and informative essays on topics chosen by the students themselves. Having worked hard to say what they really mean about something important to them, they want to share their words with the world beyond the classroom door. This blog will also serve as a forum for in-class writing done by groups of students working as teams.

University of Maryland Eastern Shore is an historically Black college located in Princess Anne, MD. Most of the students come from urban centers such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC but some come from the rural region in which the school is located. UMES also welcomes students from a number of African, Asian, and Caribbean nations.

Readers of this blog are encouraged to use comments to provide constructive feedback. All comments will be moderated by the instructor, in order to avoid spam and flaming, but no constructive comments will be censored.


One Response to “About this Blog”

  1. Dr. Pierce Says:

    I just want to say that this project and students’ responses to it are very inspiring. I am a first year graduate student in Pan-African Studies and my goal is to be a Black Studies professor. However, I fear that I will be a boring teacher, but this project let me know that there are million effective ways reach students. I guess I’ll just have to be creative. I wish I had an instructor such as yourself. Thank You.

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