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Music Is a Lifestyle

December 5, 2008

By Anthony Wise

Instructor’s note: Here, Anthony tries to resolve the great Go-Go versus Baltimore Club music debate.

All around the world there are different types of lifestyles and music within these lifestyles. Music usually is a term of expression for that type of lifestyle. In the United States alone there are many styles of music. Rhythm and Blues, known as R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Crunk, Hyphy, Jazz, Rock and Roll and several others. Being raised in the Mid-Atlantic coast of the U.S., I have been exposed to two special genres of music which have left a great impact on my life, Baltimore Club Music and Go-Go. (more…)

Relationship Behind Bars

November 24, 2008

By Ashley Lowery

Instructor’s note: Ashley wrote this powerful piece in response to the prompt to write a descriptive essay about “a place that shaped you.”

Tom and Jerry, Spiderman, and Batman are all childhood cartoons that I enjoyed; however, I was unable to watch these cartoons on Saturdays. Instead, I was hugging my mother from a jail cell. More than a fourth of Baltimore city mothers are incarcerated. As a result the children are left to be cared for by family members or even the department of social services. By my mother being incarcerated, I only have vivid memories of visiting my mother in different jails. The ordeal of visiting my mother consisted of mentally and physically preparing myself, arriving at the jail and getting searched, and then sitting in a waiting room only to see her through a metal gate for a short period of time; this describes my relationship with my mom.

Deciding on an outfit to wear was a hassle. I had to make sure I didn’t wear any sleeveless shirts or shorts above the knee. (more…)