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Achievement Against All Odds While “Being Trapped within the Matrix”

April 29, 2009

by “Unknown Author”

Instructor’s note: “Unknown Author” has chosen to anonymously publish this story of being trapped in “The Matrix” of foster care.

Today in our society many young people and adults face many tribulations. Some face many hardships and difficulties throughout their lives. Some individuals may not have the chance to show empathy and see the world through the other person’s viewpoint. Hardships and difficulties may be shocking and appalling for others to see or hear.

I believe that some people have lives that are inspirational. The legend of one’s story can become so deep and display a powerful motivational push for some who have no hope. Some individuals may face things that only few can understand. (more…)

Music Is a Lifestyle

December 5, 2008

By Anthony Wise

Instructor’s note: Here, Anthony tries to resolve the great Go-Go versus Baltimore Club music debate.

All around the world there are different types of lifestyles and music within these lifestyles. Music usually is a term of expression for that type of lifestyle. In the United States alone there are many styles of music. Rhythm and Blues, known as R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop, Reggae, Reggaeton, Crunk, Hyphy, Jazz, Rock and Roll and several others. Being raised in the Mid-Atlantic coast of the U.S., I have been exposed to two special genres of music which have left a great impact on my life, Baltimore Club Music and Go-Go. (more…)