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Taking Things for Granted

May 6, 2009

by Edward Irungu

A famous English novelist and critic by the name Aldous Huxley once stated that “Most human beings have an absolute and infinite capacity for taking things for granted” Living in America for some years has proven to me that statement does apply. Many people in America don’t really realize what they have, and by doing so, they don’t take advantage of it.

America has a lot of education opportunities and jobs and is economically blessed. I lived in a continent that would consider those qualities dreams. Even though American at the moment is going though an economic downturn, no one is dying of starvation and the dollar is still holding strong. If you compare that with the economy of a country like Zimbabwe, which is also going through major economic troubles, you couldn’t even come to a comparison. It’s the total opposite. Zimbabwe has been facing major hyper inflation. The situation up there is so bad and their currency is so weak that in January of this year they introduced a 50,000,000,000 note. They are now even introducing plans to issue 10, 20, 50, and 100 trillion bank notes. This is just one of the infinite number of problems the Third World is facing.



December 10, 2008

By “Cleveland California”

Instructor’s Note: “Cleveland California” is a pen name.

The world is changing most people say in a good way but what I see is more people falling into poverty every year. People that used to be middle class are now poor. Most people don’t understand but I live in it. I see people my age who have to resort to illegal activities to feed their families because they’re the only source of income that the family has.

To start off, most people in poverty are born into it. Which means there was nothing they could do about it. To escape poverty you need a good job. These days it takes a high school diploma to work at McDonalds, and it takes a college education to make more than minimum wage. Most times poor families don’t have enough money to put their kids through college. The only way that they can make it is through sports but they have to make it through the streets first. (more…)

Social Benefits

December 9, 2008

By Tineka Montgomery

What does financial aid mean to you? Is it money that is available to anyone, although not everyone receives the same amount? Or is it assistance available only to those whose parents make less than $60,000 per year? Financial Aid is money given paid or loaned to help pay for a type of vocational school or college. Financial aid comes in different forms like grants and scholarships, and work-study. So both definitions are correct.

Just imagine being told by your peers and teachers about this form that could help you receive extra money to help pay for your schooling. You’re sitting around waiting for your results. (more…)

Anything Worth Having Is Worth Working Hard For

December 9, 2008

By Alisha Washington

The best things in life are free but majority of these things require a lot of hard work. If you take the time to lay out everything of worth that you own whether it be your job, your education, your house, your car, the relationship between you and a loved one or even your own life, you will realize that it has taken a lot of hard work to get to and maintain the stability of these relationships. The obstacles that get in the way of you getting from the bottom of the ladder to the top of the ladder only make you stronger, wiser, and help you reach a fulfillment of its importance.

For instance, I am a college student working hard to get a degree in biology in order to further a career in medicine. (more…)

Basketball and Education

December 9, 2008

By Dennis Purnell

Instructor’s note: This essay is addressed to other young men who see basketball as the key to the door of a better life.

Basketball is more than just lacing up and performing on the court. Basketball is a way of living. When you are an athlete you should have a sense of pride about yourself. You must respect yourself, teammates, coaches, and others. Especially if you are a student athlete. Eyes are on you in school and on the court. You are a role model for the up and coming athletes in your school and around your neighborhood. Every athlete needs a support team. If you don’t respect yourself no one else will. Your support team will preach one thing. Avoid anything that will effect your game or keep you from playing.

Respecting yourself is simply having a positive attitude and making smart decisions off the court. It is wise to start in the classroom, seeing as that is what puts you on the team. (more…)