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Life or the Nursing Home

May 9, 2009

by Anonymous

Instructor’s note: This student wants to share an urgent warning but has chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect her family’s privacy. Brace yourself for a heart-breaking story.

My father would have lived a lot longer had he not stayed in a nursing home. My father could walk, talk, feed himself, and put on his own clothes before he was admitted to the nursing home. Dilatin was the only medication that he was taking. Dilatin is a medicine for seizures. We took my father to the hospital because he kept falling. He was only falling because his medicine level was too high. The doctor from the hospital said that he could not stay home by himself and admitted him to the nursing home for therapy. Hoping that he would get therapy, I chose to keep my father in the nursing home for one hundred days. This would also put him at the top of the list for home health care.

My father did not want to stay in a nursing home. (more…)


Body Art: A Cultural Trend

May 9, 2009

by “Unique Individual”

Body art has become so popular in the past few years that it’s hard to walk down the street, go to the mall, or watch TV without seeing someone with a piercing or a tattoo. Perhaps you think body piercings are presentable and you’ve thought about getting one. But are they safe? Are they a good idea? What should you be aware of if you do decide to get one? Not all piercings heal properly because they are not meant to be in certain places. Several things could go wrong such as chronic infection, scarring, hepatitis B and C, skin allergies from the jewelry that’s used, boils, inflammation or even nerve damage. Some types of piercings people choose to get are the ears, oral, genital, surface, nostril, (nipples), lip, navel and tongues. The most popular pierced body parts seem to be the ears, the nostrils and the belly button. What many people don’t realize when they get a body piercing is that along with the hole in their body comes medical complications.


December 9, 2008

By Racquel Hamilton

Instructor’s Note: People who know me might wonder, “Did this student choose this topic to please the teacher?” No! Racquel didn’t know I am vegan and thus looked very confused when I questioned her closely about why she had chosen this topic. Later, when I mentioned my veganism while reviewing her rough draft, Racquel was surprised and our mutual confusion was resolved: She had been absent on the day I had mentioned it in class.

A vegetarian is one who eats vegetables more often and excludes meat, fish, other sea animals, and poultry from their diet. Vegetarians who are extremely serious about vegetarianism might also exclude eggs or some products from animal labor such as dairy products and honey. A vegetarian can also be considered as one who thinks about the animals’ life and their rights first before thinking about his or her own stomach. Categories of vegetarianism include lacto-vegetarianism, lacto-ovo-vegetarianism, pesco-vegetarian and veganism. Lacto-vegetarianism includes dairy products, but no eggs. Lacto-ovo-vegetarianism includes both eggs and dairy products. Vegans exclude meat, poultry and fish, eggs, dairy, and honey (

An important facts that one should consider if one decides to become a vegetarian is that vegetables are much healthier than meat (more…)