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The Divergence of Love

December 8, 2008

By Anonymous

I find myself always over analyzing everything in life, from clothes to my future. I even catch myself speaking out loud sometimes because my mind overloads with so much. I find the most preeminent topics in my thought process are getting through this torturous undergrad experience I’ve had, graduate school, grades, how I appeal to other people, being a good person, my relationship with God, life after school, and traveling. Now in the topics mentioned, the one I’ve left out is the one I have had the most trouble wrapping my mind around and it’s Love. Now my views on this may and probably will differ from most people’s and also I’m not giving any advice, just sharing a personal perspective. I feel the need to vent on this because, although opinions and perspectives may diverge, I believe that somehow we can all relate on the topics of Love.

I once heard a quote where someone said love is an ability, which is different from what we have all been accustomed to hearing, which is that love is a feeling. (more…)