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Violence in Media

December 11, 2008

By “The Absentees”

Instructor’s note: This was written in response to an in-class group writing assignment. “The Absentees” are a pair of students who were absent on the day the assignment began.

Does the media want us to commit violence? It’s like everywhere we look there is violence being advertised. From violence in television shows to violence even in kid’s video games, violence is what today’s world is based on. Now, you can even hear derogatory songs on the radio; thus, how far will the media take this? (more…)


Violence: Causes and Solutions

December 10, 2008

By Amarachi Ukachu

Instructor’s note: This is a report on a conversation rather than an essay. Students who missed the last class before the Thanksgiving holiday were required to do a make-up assignment wherein they had conversations with two people, one older than themselves and one younger, on the question “What can we do to reduce violence in our communities?” and then write up a report of those conversations. As Amarachi reports here, her initial interview sprawled into a multi-hour, multi-generational conversation with some very interesting conclusions.

This topic was very popular at the dinner table Thanksgiving day. At first I was interviewing my mother then the whole table chipped in. We ended up talking for hours about violence in black communities, violence in school, domestic violence, and violence against homosexuals. They all agreed that the top ten causes of violence are the media, substance abuse, gangs, unemployment, weapons, poverty, peer pressure, broken homes, poor family environment, bad neighborhoods, intolerance, and ignorance.

After we discussed the causes of violence we talked about how to solve the violence in the communities. First we must realize that there is a connection between language and violence. (more…)

Keeping It Clean

December 9, 2008

By “The Watchers”

“The Watchers” is a group of young women. This was their response to an in-class writing assignment.

Does money buy everything? Constantly, we ask each other whatever the situation may be “Is it worth it, and am I?” The subject matter is: Is money worth the degradation and exploitation of women in videos? We see them every time we turn on BET and watch a hip hop video. This isn’t being hypocritical, it’s just the fact that these women seem to not care or care very little about themselves and how they are represented on TV. We feel that many music videos exploit women. (more…)

The Misinterpretation of Beauty in Women

December 5, 2008

By “Seasons”

Instructor’s note: This is an in-class group writing project. “Seasons” is a team of four young African American women.

Women often misinterpret the definition of beauty. Beauty does not have to do with letting yourself go and saying you’re beautiful no matter what. It has nothing to do with overindulging in name brand clothing or clothes that are too small or tight, or even just not at all for you. Beauty has to do with inner qualities and how you feel about yourself. Women often interpret it as I am beautiful which means therefore I do not have to try or I am not beautiful, therefore I have to try harder. That is not true. (more…)

What Happened to H.E.R. (Hip Hop in its Essence and Real)?

December 3, 2008

By Thomas Moody II

Hip-Hop is in a state of emergency. There is a rise in rappers without substance in what they rap about. Listening to the radio, once enjoyable, has become a horrific experience. Turning the dial is like playing Russian roulette with a handgun. You will be blown away by how ignorant and ridiculous today’s lyrics are.

Personally, I cannot stand that Soulja Boy passes his dance songs off as hip-hop. Songs on his debut album include “Booty Meat” and “Donk”. Both of which instruct women to, “shake dat booty meat” and to “bend it, get it.” There is no meaning to this mindless gyration. I believe that people should not support such fake hip-hop, the artists who make it, the corporations that sell it, nor the mediums by which it reaches the masses. (more…)