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April 29, 2009

by Anonymous

Stereotyping affects many people in different ways. Being a victim of stereotyping, I was tormented in high school. Every day I was called a midget by my so called friends. From that experience to this day, I feel a sense of emptiness about myself because people only look at the outer me: how tall I am, the clothes I wear, and even how I choose to live my life. (more…)


Wacky Weed

December 22, 2008

By “Cleveland California”

Marijuana is one of the safest drugs legal or illegal; there have been many tests to prove that it is one of the most harmless drugs out there to use. It is used for medicinal purposes in many situations so my question is, “Why isn’t this drug legal?” (more…)


December 13, 2008

By “Breaking Point”

I felt so stupid. Why did I feel that I had to do something wrong just to fit in? I read this article called, “Surrounding Pressure.” It talks about how peer pressure in America shapes crime and drug users because kids listen to their peers and don’t have the self-esteem to say “No.” I was one of those kids.

I wish I had the self-esteem to say “No” before I went to the mall with my friends that Saturday. (more…)

Who Are You?

December 8, 2008

By Ogboru Daniella Oluka

I can still remember my fist day in college, all the different faces. I felt weird; I was all by myself in a place I had never been in before.After a few days I started meeting other Africans, and I felt a bit more at home. I soon started noticing some differences–some good, others bad. I had to sit back and ask some question; one of the question I asked is, “who are you?” I asked that question because I noticed a lot of things around me. I noticed people trying so hard to be like others, trying so hard to fit in or be accepted. Why would you try to be another person? Why would you crave to be accepted by the next person? Why not be yourself and let people see your potentials? Being yourself is different from blending in. You can blend in without losing yourself. One’s identity is very important because it makes people recognize and respect you and it also make people see you for who you really are. It helps you stand out and make the right choices. (more…)

Yesterday’s Footprints

December 3, 2008

By Chris Smith

In middle school after my daily basketball practices I would find myself roaming the empty halls, waiting for my ride to pick me up. While strolling by the cafeteria I could still taste the crisp and cheesy pepperoni pizza the lunch lady served every Tuesday and Thursday, with a side of fries and an icee. Then I would recall the many conversations and confrontations my crew and I witnessed in the lunch room, from the girls revealing their crushes on my best friend and me to the time I almost fought this older kid Zach over a seat. When I walked past my locker I could hear the echoes of my classmates and friends that I followed around school — either Paul the pretty boy jock, Tom the soccer-playing rapper, or Willie the short-tempered gang member. All of these thoughts would run through my head as I walked through the school, but after I walked out the front doors, it would all disappear. That is when I learned that even when all of my friends are gone with our memories, life will still go on. I learned to lead instead of follow.

My middle school was located in the interior of Alaska — Fairbanks, Alaska. Covered with faded velvet red brick and a name sign at the entrance like any other middle school in America it seemed no different, but it was the outside environment that caused me to become just another rock broken by peer pressure instead of the great boulder we all can be. (more…)