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Basketball and Education

December 9, 2008

By Dennis Purnell

Instructor’s note: This essay is addressed to other young men who see basketball as the key to the door of a better life.

Basketball is more than just lacing up and performing on the court. Basketball is a way of living. When you are an athlete you should have a sense of pride about yourself. You must respect yourself, teammates, coaches, and others. Especially if you are a student athlete. Eyes are on you in school and on the court. You are a role model for the up and coming athletes in your school and around your neighborhood. Every athlete needs a support team. If you don’t respect yourself no one else will. Your support team will preach one thing. Avoid anything that will effect your game or keep you from playing.

Respecting yourself is simply having a positive attitude and making smart decisions off the court. It is wise to start in the classroom, seeing as that is what puts you on the team. (more…)


LeBron James vs Michael Jordan

December 5, 2008

By Justin Davis

Who would you choose to lead your fantasy team: Michael Jordan or LeBron James? Well, I would choose the 6’’9 and two hundred eighty-five pound LeBron James any day over Michael Jordan. Of course Michael Jordan was extraordinary, but I believe that the NBA has evolved since his day and time, and LeBron James is the future of the sport. Today’s players are more well-rounded with a complete game.

LeBron James storms around the basketball court like a full-grown man playing with a bunch of immature kids. (more…)